The rimming may be a sexual practice surrounded by taboos, but it is also true that it is one of the most pleasurable ways to stimulate the anus and a perfect alternative to explore sexual enjoyment in a less conventional way.

Even if it is not openly discussed, anilingus can be tremendously exciting, so if you want to explore this possibility and are wondering how to give a rimjob and make your partner explode with pleasure, keep reading and discover the basics of a good anal kiss. 

What is the black kiss and why is it so pleasant?

The black kiss is a practice that consists of stimulating the anus using the mouth and tongue, as if you were kissing the area, hence its name. It can be very pleasant because nerve endings are concentrated in the anus , making this area very sensitive to stimuli.

This practice can be a good ally before anal penetration, since it is a good way to prepare the anus for anal sex, increasing arousal until the arrival of the penis or sex toy that we want to use. However, there is no need for penetration to give or receive a rimming.

What you should know before giving a black kiss

Before launching ourselves to try the black kiss, there are some recommendations to take into account to make you both enjoy:

It must be a consensual practice

As in any sexual practice, all participants must agree. Thus, if you are wondering how to do a black kiss, before trying anything, the first step should be to talk about it with that person to find out if they feel like it, if they want to give or receive it, when, etc. Talking about it is also a good way to start warming things up.

It is recommended to use protection

The black kiss is a sexual practice and, as such, carries a risk of contagion of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

To protect ourselves from a possible sexual infection during the practice, the recommendation is to put a barrier between the mouth and the anus, which can be a latex square or a cut condom.

And if after the kiss we feel like anal penetration, it is recommended to use a condom, since it is the only contraceptive method that establishes an effective barrier to help us avoid the transmission of STIs. Its effectiveness is between 80-90%, as long as we use it properly and from the beginning to the end of the relationship (1).

But which condom to choose? You can choose any condom from the Durex range, since they are suitable for anal, vaginal and oral sex. But when it comes specifically to anal sex, we recommend Durex Perfect Connection condoms, specially designed for this type of encounter, as they are thicker and have extra lubrication, perfect for achieving smoother penetrations.

Do not pass from the anus to the genitals

The anal area can contain bacteria that can cause infections if they spread to other areas, such as the vagina or penis. If after giving a black kiss you decide to have conventional oral sex, the bacteria could also pass through and cause infections. That is why it is recommended to maintain hygiene and the use of latex frames during oral sex, to hinder the transmission of bacteria and other organisms.

You can use a flavored lubricant

As in oral sex, in black kissing you can also use flavored lubricants, which will give this practice an even more exciting and fun touch. In our range, you can choose between Durex Lubricant Strawberry flavor or Durex Lubricant Cherry flavor. They are water-based, compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, light, soft to the touch and with a delicious strawberry or cherry flavor.

What to know if it is you who is going to receive the black kiss

Until now we have put ourselves in the shoes of the one who gives a black kiss, but it may also be the case that you are the one who receives it. If you want to know how to prepare for a black kiss, we leave you some recommendations:

Wash the area around the anus well.

Hygiene is essential for the experience to be pleasant. It is not necessary to carry out any type of special cleaning, just wash yourself well with soap and water, preferably before the sexual encounter.

Relax and enjoy the black kiss

This practice can be highly pleasurable, so let yourself go, free your mind from any taboo and dedicate yourself to enjoying this anal stimulation to the fullest.

How to make a very pleasant black kiss

Once entered into matter, to make a good rimming use the lips and the tongue. Begin by stimulating the surrounding areas, such as the buttocks, genitals, groin, perineum, up to the anus, with caresses and kisses.

Then, play around in the anal area, with your fingers and gentle circular movements, until you move to the mouth, kissing and sucking. At the same time, you can caress the genitals or other erogenous zones of the body, such as the nipples. Always go from less to more and increase the stimulation as the excitement builds. Do not be afraid to ask if you are doing well or what your partner or partners are liking the most.

Knowing how to give a black kiss and also how to receive it is key to maximizing anal pleasure. So go ahead and try this practice and make sex unforgettable.

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