Sex is pleasure, of course! But it’s also a learning process, since it will help you get to know your own body, what you like, what turns you on and what doesn’t. Within this learning is also learning to control the moment in which you reach the climax.

It is a control that you will achieve over time, which is why it is normal that in your first sexual experiences you ejaculate earlier than you would like or, if you are very excited, it is very difficult for you to hold it. If this is your case and you are interested in learning how to last longer in bed, then we will explain some tricks on how to resist the urge to ejaculate and thus enjoy yourself and give your partner more pleasure.

How long should sex last on average?

Before answering the main question that has brought you to this article, it is convenient to know how long on average a sexual relationship is considered to last, although it is a highly variable data because it will depend on different factors. For example, the time you dedicate to the preliminaries will influence . Various investigations have been carried out to answer the question we are asking ourselves, seeking to discover the duration of the act from the beginning of vaginal penetration until ejaculation occurs. In 2005, a study was carried out with 500 couples over the age of 18 and from different countries around the world. It was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicineand it was concluded that the average time between penetration and ejaculation was 5.4 minutes. In any case, keep in mind that it is only an average. Every couple and every intimate relationship is a world! So it is not convenient to close yourself off to anything.

Keys to resist the urge to ejaculate

If what you are looking for is to make your encounters last as long as possible, then it is convenient to follow some tips to delay ejaculation when you have sex with your partner:

Jerk off

Masturbation not only gives you pleasure, but also helps you learn to know your body, know what you like best, what turns you on and when you should relax so as not to climax. That is why masturbating can give you clues to know when to slow down and thus delay ejaculation when you are with your partner. It is a good way to train to hold your desire to ejaculate. By the way, masturbating before having intercourse will also help you not to be so excited and better control your ejaculation.

Give pleasure to your partner

If you have trouble controlling your ejaculation, don’t go straight for penetration or oral sex. On the contrary, focus on giving your partner your pleasure . Dedicate time to the preliminaries , give him oral sex and make sure he enjoys before letting yourself go. The more you get to know your partner, the easier it will be to make him or her turn on to the maximum.

change the pace

When your excitement is getting out of control, try slowing down . Leave the penetration or a very direct stimulation and go, for example, to caresses by other less sensitive areas of the body until you regain control and can resume. You can also use sex toys or simply let your imagination run wild!

Stay still

If during penetration you notice that you are about to ejaculate, you have the option of staying completely still and asking your partner not to move either. Think for a few seconds about something neutral that distracts you to lower your arousal, breathe calmly and, once the urge has passed, continue.

Try another pose

If you are very aroused, try to move to a position that you like less, for example, avoiding deep penetration. Stopping and repositioning can help you control the urge to ejaculate. Try different positions to find out which ones make you horny and which ones manage to contain ejaculation for longer.

Use retardant condoms

In addition to these tips, do you know how to last longer in bed? With retardant condoms! These condoms are the ones that can help you hold the ejaculation. Do you want to know how they work? Try the range of Durex delay condoms and take advantage of its benefits. You can choose Durex Prolonged Pleasure, a 56 mm thick condom with an anatomical shape. But what is interesting to control ejaculation is its Performa™ lubricant, which contains 5% benzocaine, a local anesthetic that delays ejaculation so you can enjoy it for longer. You can also try Durex Mutual Climax, whose width is also 56 mm. In this case, these condoms contain Performa™ lubricant with 5% benzocaine and add a dotted and ribbed surface. In this way, they manage to delay ejaculation while accelerating your partner’s climax so that you both enjoy it to the fullest.

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