Pain is one of the most frequent fears of girls when they think about the first time. The good news is that your first sexual intercourse doesn’t necessarily have to hurt. Also, you should know that there are some positions that can promote penetration and thus prevent you from feeling discomfort. These positions and other tips, like the ones you’ll find in our article How to prepare for your first time, will help you enjoy this important moment in your life as much as possible. But now, read on for the best sex positions for the first time.

The best sexual positions for the first time

First of all, if you’ve watched porn movies, forget about what you think you’ve learned from them. Sex in reality has very little to do with that fiction. Approach your first time and sex in general as a learning process for both you and your partner. It is about experimenting and getting to know, little by little, your body and that of the other and learning what you like, what you don’t, what excites you and how.

Wanting to have quick sex, strong or too deep penetration are probably not the most recommended options for the first time. It is better to resort to positions that facilitate penetration but also allow you to stimulate important areas such as the clitoris, as well as allowing the partner to easily reach other areas such as the chest to stimulate it with kisses and caresses. With all this you will notice that your arousal increases and, precisely, it is what will make it less likely that you will feel discomfort. With this in mind, we recommend the following sexual positions for the first time:

The missionary, classic but pleasant

This is one of the most widespread and common postures. The woman lies on her back and the man is on top. For many women it is pleasurable due to its intimacy, since it allows face-to-face contact. The penetration is not too deep and, in addition, it favors clitoral stimulation and kissing, which is why we consider it among the least painful sexual positions.

The teaspoon, your most sensitive areas at your fingertips

In this position, also one of the most classic, the man hugs the woman from behind, both of them lying on their sides. He can help in the first few times because the penetration that is achieved is not very deep and favors slower movements. In addition, she can be very pleasurable for the woman because the man can hug and caress her entire body, increasing intimacy and arousal.

You up, marking the rhythm of pleasure

As its name suggests, the woman sits on top of the boy, who is sitting, making it a good option for spaces such as a car, a chair, or the edge of a bed. She is very pleasurable for the woman because she allows her to be in control of the penetration and, meanwhile, the partner can caress her.

Face down, slow and rhythmic

In this case, the woman lies face down and the man is placed on top, so the penetration is given from behind. The most interesting thing about this position is that penetration will be slow and controlled, making it ideal for times when you want to go slowly.

Finally, in this position the woman is lying on her back on the edge of a bed or table, while the man stands in front of her, hence greater depth of penetration is achieved and a gentle rhythm is recommended. . She can be very pleasurable to the woman because her partner can caress her entire body while maintaining eye contact.

Tips to avoid pain in the first time

In addition to the less painful sexual positions that we have reviewed, you can consider other tips that will help you minimize any discomfort your first time. We review them below.

Take time to get aroused before penetration

We are talking about the preliminaries, that is, all the kisses, caresses, etc., that can be done before reaching vaginal penetration. They increase arousal, thus favoring good sex.

The wetter the better

Lubrication is very important because it is what helps to achieve a smoother penetration and, consequently, prevents discomfort and favors pleasure. You can help yourself with lubricants to enjoy smoother and more pleasant sex, both for the first time and for all the others. You can try the lubricants from the Durex range.

Better a soft and delicate penetration

There will be time for faster sex, if that’s what you want. Remember the postures that we have recommended and do them calmly and patiently, according to the rhythm you need.

Don’t be in a hurry

Finally, it is important not to rush the first time. Do it when you want, without pressure, and take all the time you need. 

Finally, do not forget that it is essential that you take precautions, such as using a condom, since you can get pregnant even the first time. Always use contraception. The condom prevents unwanted pregnancies with up to 98% efficacy (1) and, furthermore, it is the only method that reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with an efficacy of between 80 and 90%, always that it be used well and from the beginning until the end of the relationship.

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