It is known that vaginal dryness is a common discomfort among women, especially at certain times such as the menopausal period. This dryness is not usually serious, but it is very annoying and can affect intimate health on a daily basis as well as sexual relations.

That is why there are many women who wonder if it is possible to alleviate this sensation with the use of a specific moisturizing product for the vaginal area and how to do it to alleviate the discomfort they feel and, in addition, improve their intimate relationships. The answer is yes. There are vaginal lubricant and moisturizing products that cover this need expressed by so many women. If this is your case, we solve your doubts in this article in which we tell you how to use a vaginal moisturizer. And what exactly is it for?

What is a vaginal moisturizing gel?

First of all, when we talk about moisturizing gel, we are referring to a vaginal gel whose primary function is to moisturize the intimate area, so that it repairs the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. But, in addition, some of these gels can also act as a lubricant, a function that can contribute to achieving much more pleasant sexual relations. In summary, the vaginal moisturizing gel can bring you comfort and balance in your intimate area. Also, if you need it for sex, there are products that are compatible with the use of condoms during intimate relationships.

Can I use the moisturizing vaginal gel with condoms?

Given the common doubt about whether this product is compatible with the use of condoms or not, we clarify that there are currently moisturizing gels on the market that are compatible with the use of condoms. In this way, the use of moisturizing vaginal gel intervenes by facilitating friction in sexual relations, which makes them much more comfortable and pleasant.

How to choose a moisturizing vaginal gel?

The improvement in vaginal dryness that is achieved by applying non-hormonal vaginal moisturizing products or some type of lubricant is not limited to moisturizing and lubricating, but the use of moisturizing vaginal gels also favors the flexibility and elasticity of the mucosa vaginal (1), which is another important aspect to facilitate sexual intercourse.

For this reason, pharmacists recommend looking for a gel that offers the function of hydrating and lubricating the intimate area. You can buy it at any pharmacy, where there are several formulas of moisturizing vaginal gels. Keep in mind, for their application and operation, that it is important not to mix them with mineral oils or Vaseline, since they could adhere to the vaginal mucosa and cause some disorder.

Brands of moisturizing gels: which one should I choose?

As we have previously mentioned, there are several vaginal gels on the market that you can resort to in case of vaginal dryness. One of them is the Durex Sensilube Moisturizing and Lubricating Gel, which hydrates, repairing the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness and lubricates to achieve more pleasant sexual relations.

But keep in mind that, in the most severe cases of dryness, with other symptoms or that do not subside, it is advisable to go to the gynecologist. It may be that the professional, if you need it and after examining and diagnosing you, will prescribe a lubricating formula with estrogen in its composition.

How to use the vaginal moisturizing gel?

In the case of Durex Sensilube Moisturizing and Lubricating Gel, it is intended to be used as a daily moisturizer to relieve discomfort caused by vaginal dryness, and as a lubricant to achieve more pleasurable sexual relations. Use as much as you need, depending on your individual needs. Its 2-in-1 formula contributes to the hydration of both the internal and external areas, as well as helping to take care of the hygiene of your vagina. Therefore, you can use it daily for your comfort or occasionally during sexual intercourse, as needed.

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