Just as we run out of ideas about what movie to watch or what series to follow with your partner, in sex we can also find ourselves overwhelmed by routine and monotony and end up always doing the same thing.

Including sex toys for our relationships, trying new places to do it or practicing with something new, can be the solution. And in that Google can serve us.

Perhaps the nine most searched positions will help us inspire our nights of passion at home, so we have found out which are the most researched in this search engine by the Spanish.

The puppy pose

It is the favorite of many couples and one of the easiest to perform. It consists of one being on all fours and the other penetrating from behind . It is ideal for stimulating the G-spot and you can try different versions: the person on all fours can have their legs apart (with their legs between them) or together (between the legs of the person who penetrates), and the person behind can also lie down on who is on all fours to, for example, stimulate their breasts.

The missionary

Original sin

It is perhaps the most classic sexual position and one of the best known . One is face up on the bed receiving penetration and the other face down on it, face to face. There are variants such as for example that the person lying face up hugs the body of her partner with her legs, or using a pillow under the lower back of the person who is face up to raise her hips. In this way the penis increases the friction with the vaginal walls and the G-spot is stimulated more.

At the lotto flower position

No, you don’t need to do yoga to practice one of what could be the most romantic positions in sex. You’ve seen it hundreds of times in the movies, and according to Lori Buckley, sex therapist and author of 21 Decisions for Great Sex and A Happy Relationship , it’s meant to give the woman all the pleasure.

It is a slightly modified version of the classic Amazon pose, only this time the man will have his legs crossed, as if he were in the classic meditative pose, and the woman stands on top hugging the man’s hips with her legs. In this way, she is the one who dominates the situation and who controls the penetration by swinging her body.

In the spooning position

It is known for being a sleeping position in which the body of both couples, lying on their sides and with the sword of one resting on the chest of the other. But it is also a pleasurable sexual position.

It is very comfortable for the person behind to stimulate the body of the person in front , from the nipples to the clitoris. You have access to virtually the entire body of your partner. The penetration is not as deep as with the doggy position, for example, but having the legs closed during it, it is very stimulating.

The 69

The best thing about this position is that you can practice oral sex on each other and at the same time. The key is your head will be on his genitals and his on yours. One of you lies on your back on the bed and the other lies on top, each with your head on the other’s genitals. And oral sex is practiced at the same time, be it fellatio or cunnilingus.

At the “apple star” position

Imagine a starfish. And now imagine what it would be if we applied it to the body. Open legs and arms and practically inert . The person who adopts this position is placed face up on the bed and is allowed to do it, nothing more and nothing less.

To the posture from the tortoise

This pose is a variant of the doggy style pose . Starting from the same position on all fours, the person receiving penetration does not lean on his hands but on his shoulders. In this way, the angle of your hips is no longer straight, since the line of your back goes down to the bed, and your arms will hug your thighs from behind, leaving you at the mercy of the person penetrating, who will control the rhythm completely.

The butterfly pose

This position is a variant of the L position, which we already talked about. The starting position is this: the woman or the person who will be penetrated lies on a raised surface (a table, for example) and places her pelvis on the edge of it, while the person who is going to penetrate stands up. in front of her. The lying person’s ankles will rest on the standing person’s shoulders, and she will lift her hips until they are face to face with her partner’s hips .

Physically it is much more demanding than other positions, but it allows a greater depth of penetration and the hands are free to stimulate any part of the body and thus increase the pleasure.

The helicopter

It is only suitable for the bravest due to the physical effort involved. We could even say that it is almost a sexual acrobatics . It consists of the person with the penis being placed face up on the bed, for example, and the person who will receive the penetration squatting on it. Leaning on his heels, the person on top spins over his body, keeping his penis inside. You dare?

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