“What things can I use as a condom” is a frequent question that users ask through Internet search engines. Although answers are found that ensure that it is possible to substitute the condom, for example, when using a bag as a condom, the reality is that there is no substitute that offers the same security as female or male condoms, professionally prepared and following the most strict regulations, as is the case of Durex condoms.

Only in this way is the exchange of fluids prevented, thanks to its advanced technology and the materials that compose it. In order to prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, it is not useful to simply cover the penis with anything, since the same effect is not obtained.

Condoms are made with materials that prevent the exchange of fluids and pathogens, they are designed not to break easily as long as we use them properly, and they contain lubricant that facilitates penetration. For all this, using a latex glove as a condom or other materials that we find at home is not effective.  

It is important to remember that if the problem is that the condom causes you an uncomfortable reaction, such as itching, inflammation or burning, you can opt for latex-free condoms. In our article Allergy to latex condoms, we explain more about the symptoms of this condition and how to easily fix them.

Using homemade condoms does not help prevent STDs

Condoms are 80-90% effective in reducing the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, provided they are used correctly.

Using a balloon as a condom, or a bag or a glove, does not have the same effect because they are materials that allow the passage of pathogens and, sometimes, also the more direct passage of fluids, although at first it may not seem so. 

Homemade condoms do not protect against pregnancy

Condoms are around 98% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy when used correctly. On the contrary, anything we use as a homemade condom can break easily, come off or, directly, not prevent the passage of sperm.

If you want to maximize its contraceptive effect, it is important that you know how to put on a condom correctly, and that you know those habits that can cause the condom to break so that you can avoid them.

Using something else like a condom can cause vaginal infections

Converting anything into a condom involves using non-aseptic materials, which can end up triggering a vaginal infection. In addition, since they are not lubricated, it is easy for them to cause small injuries or irritations where it is easier for bacteria and fungi to proliferate.

What to do if I don’t have a condom

If you are about to start a sexual relationship and you don’t have a condom handy, instead of wondering “what things can I use as a condom” and being tempted to use homemade condoms, you can resort to these options:

Opt for a non-penetrative encounter

Before assuming the risks derived from using a balloon as a condom or similar materials, you can forget about unprotected penetration and replace it with intimate caresses or masturbation, always avoiding contact between the genitals or the exchange of fluids.

Go to the nearest pharmacy

Even if it is at night, you can search the Internet for the closest duty pharmacy to the place where you are to buy condoms.

If you don’t have Internet either, you can go to a pharmacy because at the door you may find a sign with a list of on-call pharmacies in the area. It’s better to put the relationship off for a while than to use anything like a condom and have to regret it later.

If things are hot, you better think with a cool head

If you don’t have options like the ones discussed at hand or you don’t feel able to control the situation well, it’s better to stop and leave sex for another day. For a hot moment, don’t risk using a homemade condom and contracting an STD or leading to an unwanted pregnancy.

Next time have condoms handy!

If you are embarrassed to go buy them in person at a pharmacy or a supermarket, you should know that today you can also buy them online.

In our online store you can find the full range of Durex condoms and buy them easily, in just a few clicks. In addition, all our shipments come in a discreet package so that nobody can know what your purchase has been.

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