In order to experience and enjoy safer sex with your partner, one of the basic conditions that you must follow is to use the condom properly. However, there are many people who wonder when to put on the condom to optimize protection during the sexual act. If you have also come across this question, at Durex we explain everything you need to know about when to put on the condom so that you can enjoy intimate moments with your partner to the fullest.

When should the condom be put on?

If you do not know exactly when the condom is to be placed, we explain that it is essential that the contraceptive method be present throughout the entire sexual relationship. This means that you should not place it when it is too late and you should not remove it early.

So that the condom does not slip or so that air does not enter the condom, the ideal is to put it on when the penis is fully erect. In this way, the condom will fit perfectly to the member and will greatly facilitate penetration. In addition, the condom must be placed before it touches any part of your partner’s genital area, be it the vagina, anus, vulva, buttocks, etc. Putting the condom on late could put the health of both of you at risk, since many sexually transmitted diseases are spread through skin-to-skin contact and pre-ejaculatory fluid.

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The absence of a condom could also, in some cases, result in an unwanted pregnancy. For this reason, remember that you must use a condom during the entire sexual relationship and without exceptions.

Do you wonder when you should remove the condom? Only at the end of sexual intercourse is it safe to remove the condom, always carefully and making sure that the penis does not come into contact with any part of your partner’s genital area again.

How to remove the condom after sex

As we have said, only after ejaculating is it safe to remove the condom permanently. Once sex is over, withdraw the penis (still erect), it is important that your member is still firm, otherwise the condom could slip off.

Once your member is no longer in contact with your partner’s genitals, grasp the edge of the condom firmly with one hand and roll the ring of the condom with the other so that the condom can slide off your penis smoothly without causing discomfort. Before you throw it away, make sure the condom isn’t leaking; if it is, you and your partner should consider another backup method of birth control to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Keep in mind that condoms cannot be reused, so every time you want to have sex again (whatever the type), you must open a new condom. We remind you that you should keep condoms in a cool place, since excessive heat can damage them. Another piece of advice is that if you lose your erection, throw away the condom you were using and open a new one. It is a very common problem that happens more than you think, so don’t get frustrated, wait until your penis is erect again, and then put on another condom. Of course, always do it before the penis comes into contact with your partner’s genitals.

Common mistakes when using a condom, avoid them!

  • Not checking the expiration date: it may seem obvious, but there are many people who put on the condom without having previously checked its expiration date. To prevent the condom from being useless, make sure that it is not past its expiration date.
  • Not putting the condom on properly: as we have said, putting the condom on properly means putting it on before the member comes into contact with the partner’s genital area and taking it off only when the sexual act is completely over and the penis is out of the vagina .
  • Reuse the condom: Every time you want to have sex again, you should use a new condom. Also remember that if you lose your erection you should not continue with the same condom on. Open a new condom and put it on when your penis is erect again.
  • Keeping it in the wrong place: Many people still keep condoms in their pants pockets, car glove compartment, or wallet, places that could damage the condom. So that this does not happen, keep condoms in cool places where there is no humidity.
  • Opening them improperly: Opening the condom properly is just as important as putting it on correctly. Do not use your teeth or scissors to open the wrapper, as you could inadvertently pierce the condom. In fact, this is one of the main causes of condom breakage, so avoid it!

Now that you know when to put the condom on and what to take into account when doing so, you can enjoy safer and more pleasurable sexual encounters.

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