If your penis is on the small side or if you have trouble reaching orgasm from penetration alone, you may want to find ways to maximize the depth of intercourse to better climax. One way to enjoy more during penetrative sex is to opt for sexual positions for deep penetration.

But if you don’t know what the best options are, keep reading, because in this article we will reveal 5 positions to help you get the most out of your partner’s penis length and so you can enjoy wonderful stimulation at your G- spot.

Puppy pose

When it comes to deep penetration, the doggy cannot be missing, which is why it is one of the favorites of many people. In this position you have to get on all fours, with your legs apart. The other person then kneels close behind as he enters you, making sure to hold onto your waist for a little extra support.

The correct angle of your body allows intimate penetration and the other person, having their hands free, can use one at the same time to stimulate your genital area and even do it with a good vibrator. Guaranteed pleasure!

Legs on shoulders

Looking for a way to make missionary more exciting? Well, with this modified version of this position you will get it. Instead of the usual position, in which you are with your legs apart and the other person on top, you will have to rest your ankles on his shoulders to allow him to penetrate much deeper.

This sexual position offers a different angle in which you can experience sex with great intensity, all without losing the comfort that you get in the missionary of a lifetime. And if you want the meeting to be softer, add a lubricant to increase the sensations.


What do you think about riding your partner or partners from behind to increase sensuality? Riding on top is an exciting position in itself, but if instead of sitting on top of the other person looking at their face, you turn your back, you will be able to perform one of the best sexual positions for deep penetration, and very simple to do! !

In this position, the penis or sex toy points to the back of the vagina, if this is your case, allowing maximum penetration that you will enjoy to the fullest. While you are on top you can control the speed and depth of the movement, completely in control of the situation.

By horse

For this position, it is best to choose a chair with a backrest, whether it is an office or kitchen chair. One partner should sit with their legs slightly apart, while the other rides on top of him slowly lowering himself onto his erect penis or a sex toy, impulse control from above.

If you’re flexible, you can opt for a modified version, raising your legs above your partner’s shoulders, which will allow for brutal thrusting and maximum stimulation. However, you should only do this if you feel that your partner (and the chair) are strong enough to support your full body weight.

The bridge

The bridge is not only an excellent yoga position to strengthen the pelvic floor, it is also a great sexual position that allows perfect stimulation of the G-spot. The trick is to start in missionary position with your legs closer together than normal, on both sides. sides of the couple’s legs.

Once inside, squeeze your buttocks and lift your hips off the bed. This will help the other person to thrust closer and deeper, bringing your bodies closer together and working in perfect rhythm to orgasm. Why not encourage you to try it?

There is no doubt that these deep penetration sex positions are ideal for a passionate encounter! Do not think twice and add them to your next meeting. If you also accompany them with Durex lubricants, the appropriate condoms and a worthwhile sex toy, you will have the perfect night.

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