Wondering if the condom affects the erection is a more than frequent question, either because in the past it has happened to you that when you put the condom on the climax has vanished or because it is a common comment among friends. But what is the truth? Does the condom lower the erection? In this article we explain it to you in detail, so keep reading to find out if the condom affects the erection.

Does the condom cause loss of erection?

The answer is no, using a condom does not lower the erection or decrease sensitivity during penetration . On the contrary, there are condoms created to prolong the climax during sex, as is the case with the condoms from the Durex Mutual Climax and Prolonged Pleasure range, both with 5% benzocaine that delays ejaculation to enjoy intercourse more.

However, the truth is that many guys say they lose their erection when they put on a condom. So, does the condom affect the erection? No, and if this is your case, you should know that it is not the condom, but the circumstances of the moment or even the previous belief that the condom affects.

Therefore, do not believe that the condom lowers the erection or use this excuse for not using it. Keep in mind that the condom is not only one of the safest contraceptive methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, with 98% effectiveness, but it is the only one that reduces the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Its use is essential, especially if you have several sexual partners.

Why does the erection go down when putting on the condom?

The condom is not responsible for the loss of erection , but certain experiences in its use, especially during the first sexual encounters, can influence the idea that the condom affects the erection.

But this belief should not be an excuse for not using a condom. That is why we review the reasons why condom use can affect an erection:

Not knowing how to put the condom on properly or not having practice

We all know how important it is to stay aroused during sex, so if you take a long time putting the condom on, either due to lack of practice or not having the condom on hand, your erection may be affected. So remember that practice will make perfect.

Also, keep in mind that the condom has to be your size to facilitate placement, avoid discomfort that could affect the erection and guarantee safety. And if the problem is that it is difficult for you to put it on, we invite you to read our article how to put on a condom step by step.

Forgetting that putting on a condom can also be sensual

If you focus too much on putting on the condom as something strict, serious or boring, it is normal for the climax to break and the erection to go down.

On the other hand, if you include the moment of putting on the condom as part of the foreplay and as something erotic, you will not break the climax.

Nerves or anxiety during the meeting

Restlessness in case you put the condom on incorrectly, because you feel self-conscious that your partner is looking at you or because you are worried that the erection will be lost can cause the erection to go down.

Believing in advance that the erection will be lost when using the condom

The influence of these types of thoughts can reduce the erection. Also keep in mind that having sex when you have had too much to drink or have used other types of substances can also affect the quality of your erection.

In addition, if the loss of erection occurs in other situations, there may be real difficulty in maintaining climax. If this is your case, it is recommended that you visit a specialist.

What to do to avoid losing the erection when putting on the condom

The condom is a reliable contraceptive method, easy to use as well as being the only one that helps reduce the risk of getting an STD, so it is especially important if you have several sexual partners.

That is why it is advisable not to rule it out with the excuse that the condom lowers the erection or affects sensitivity during sex.

To avoid this, at Durex we give you some tips to avoid losing your erection when you put on a condom:

Choose the right size and type of condom

You have at your disposal different sizes and varieties of condoms, such as latex, extra-thin, stretch marks or retardant gel. That is why it is essential to know what size is best for you so that you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

You do not know? In our article What size condom to choose we explain it to you.

And if you wonder what varieties of condoms exist, check out the range of Durex condoms and enjoy trying its many options.

Practice until putting on the condom is comfortable for you

Nerves or inexperience can lead to complicated condom placement. Practice many times before you really need it, so you feel confident and ready for the next time.

Leave the condom handy before sex

Have the condom ready, close at hand, and even already opened so you don’t have to spend time looking for it and opening it, so it only takes a few seconds to put it on.

Turn the process into something sensual

Putting on the condom can be part of the excitement in sexual intercourse. Do not hesitate to involve your partner and banish the idea that the condom causes the loss of climax.

Focus on the pleasure of the moment and forget the negative ideas

Keeping your mind on the sexual act is very important to not miss the climax. If for whatever reason you have difficulty getting it, don’t feel ashamed and talk freely with a sexologist or urologist. These professionals can help you clarify all your doubts so that you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

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