Anal sex can  be very pleasurable, but it is normal that if you have never experienced it before you have a thousand and one doubts. Is it safe to have anal sex? Is it going to hurt? How can I avoid embarrassing accidents? These are some of the most common questions, so to enjoy without fear, it is good to have some things clear before taking the plunge.

How to prepare for anal sex? Doing it for the first time may not be so easy due to fear or ignorance, which is why many people do not dare to explore it. But if you feel restless then why not give it a try?

In the following article we will explain  how to have anal sex without pain  and how to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases when you practice it.

What you should know before having anal sex

As with any other sexual practice, not everyone experiences anal sex in the same way and some people have to experience it several times to find true pleasure. It does not matter if it is your first time or if you have already done it in the past and want to improve the experience, the important thing is to take into account what you should know before having anal sex so that it becomes a memorable memory.

1. Always use a lubricant for anal sex

This is the point that you can never forget before doing it! In vaginal sex, the vagina is lubricated by arousal, which helps make penetration smoother and more pleasurable. But the anal sphincter does not lubricate by itself, which means that for penetration to be smooth and less painful, you should always use lubricant.

But which one to choose? How to apply it? Keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Although you can use a water-based lubricant, the use of a silicone-based lubricant is recommended , such as Durex Perfect Connection Lubricant, which is smooth, warm to the touch, and fully compatible with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms. The use of a silicone-based lubricant is preferable because, unlike a water-based one, it does not evaporate as easily and provides greater smoothness to this type of sexual practice.
  • The lubricant should not only be applied to the anus before penetration, but also to the penis or the sex toy that you are going to use, so that as it goes in it can lubricate the inside of the rectum. Apply the product in the amount you consider until you feel that the area is well lubricated.
  • It is highly recommended to use a condom during anal sex, especially if it is a sexual encounter. That is why it is recommended that the condom have extra lubrication, if it is silicone it is better.
  • If you want to start penetration with the penis, you can try other options beforehand to stretch and relax the area, for example, with a sex toy or even with your own fingers. The recommendation is that you also use lubricant. When it comes to anal sex, the more lubed up the better.

2. Keep in mind that hygiene is basic

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest fears of this practice is possible accidents, and that is that we want something to enter, not things that we do not want to see when having sex to come out! That is why it is convenient to take measures in advance, making sure, for example, that the intestine is as empty as possible before the meeting. Even so, it is good that you know that there is always a risk of accidents, so having wet wipes or a towel on hand is always recommended.

In addition, before having anal sex it is essential to clean the area well. To do this, you can use a soap indicated for the intimate area and avoid all those that carry perfumes, since they can dry out the area and cause discomfort during sexual intercourse.

3. For anal sex you also need to use a condom

Many heterosexual couples choose not to use a condom because there is no risk of pregnancy, however this can be a big mistake. It is true that having anal sex does not carry a risk of pregnancy, but did you know that it is the practice with the highest risk for HIV transmission, not only in men?1. In addition, there are also greater risks of contracting other STDs than with vaginal or oral sex, since the walls of the anus can break quite easily, so that during penetration wounds and fissures can occur and, through them, the bacteria and viruses can get into the bloodstream.

The only contraceptive method that helps prevent the spread of STDs is the condom, so it is always advisable to use it in all sexual practices. Durex Perfect Connection is our condom specially designed for anal sex, since it has more thickness and extra silicone-based lubrication, which offers greater security and long-lasting lubrication. 

 4. Do not change from anal to vaginal sex without taking precautions

When starting out with anal sex, it is recommended not to move on to vaginal sex without first taking some precautions. It is very important to change the condom and wash all those sex toys that have been used and that you want to use again for vaginal sex to avoid infections.

Likewise, if anal penetration has been performed with the penis and protection has not been used, it should not be inserted into the vagina without having previously washed it.

How to prepare for anal sex

If you have already decided that you want to try it, then we give you a series of recommendations that will help you enjoy anal sex to the fullest.

Relax and take it easy

If you have never done it before or have very little experience on the subject, it is better not to practice anal sex in a quick encounter. If what you want is to obtain pleasure, maintaining a relaxed and calm attitude is essential for anal sex to be enjoyed. Being in tension, the muscles contract, so it will be much more difficult to insert the penis or the sex toy, what’s more, it is possible that you even feel pain when the muscles are contracted.

But, in addition, penetration should also be slow, stopping if pain is experienced, it is something that the couple(s) should enjoy. Think that you are going to have a good time with your sexual partner(s), this will make you relax.

Stimulates the area before penetration

Before directly inserting the penis or sex toy, it is advisable to stimulate the area to increase arousal and also help the anus to dilate a bit.

You can try with your fingers or with different sex toys, slowly introducing the previously lubricated finger or toy to guarantee enjoyment. Visit our article How to stimulate the anus and discover more. 

Control the rate of penetration

If it is the first time, it will be important to control the rate of penetration. The walls of the anus are not as flexible or dilate as the vagina, so movements must be more delicate. In this sense, communication is basic. If you feel pain during penetration, say so so that your partner(s) can slow down.

Especially sudden penetrations should be avoided, as they could cause discomfort and pain.

Solo practice

If you’re afraid of having anal sex, but really want to, a good way to relax is to practice with sex toys or your own fingers first.

You can do it at your own pace, without pressure and without pain, always with the area previously well cleaned and using lubricant. So you can see that you can really get pleasure from anal sex and encourage you to take the plunge.

Keep in mind what are the best positions for anal sex

Although there are many positions when practicing anal sex, the most recommended for beginners is the one known as doggy style. The entry of the penis or toy will be more direct and the movement can be moderated much better, so there will be no problem when it comes to controlling the rhythm and changing it as you see fit.

But this is not the only option, in our article The best sexual positions for anal sex we offer you several recommendations so that you can enjoy this encounter to the fullest.

Now that you know how to prepare for anal sex, the importance of using a condom during practice and the essential role of lubricant, go ahead and explore this type of encounter and give your intimacy a touch of novelty.

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