Oral sex is pleasurable, delicious and without a doubt a key ally when it comes to turning up the heat in foreplay. But even if there is no penetration, this does not mean that sexually transmitted diseases or STDs cannot be transmitted through the mouth, throat, genitals or anus.

For this reason, to avoid contagion, oral sex with a condom is always recommended, exactly the same as for vaginal or anal penetration. But if you are one of those who don’t really like the idea of ​​using a condom because you think that putting it on will cut off your intimate moment and you will lose excitement, we want to tell you something: forget about those preconceived ideas! The condom can be incorporated into sex in a fun and sensual way.

You do not know how? In the following article we explain how to use a condom in oral sex and which one to choose.

Why use a condom in oral sex

Oral sex does not involve penetration, but the protection provided by condoms is still needed. Having oral sex without using them can favor the spread of an STD. Herpes, the human papilloma virus or HPV, gonorrhea or syphilis are some of the diseases that can be transmitted through oral sex (1). Normally, there is a greater risk of contagion if the person to whom oral sex is performed suffers from one of these diseases in the genital area, but there could also be transmission the other way around, that is, if the person who performs it is the one who is sick . In any case, the way to stop this transmission is to use a condom during oral sex, but there are other reasons why it is important to use it:

The person we perform oral sex on may have an infection without symptoms

It must be borne in mind that not all STDs cause symptoms or that these can take a long time to appear. This means that we can have a sexual relationship with a sick person without knowing that they are sick or that we ourselves can be infected without knowing it. Thus, even if we do not have any symptoms, we can transmit the disease and, therefore, it is essential to always use a condom, also during oral sex.

The person we are receiving oral sex from may have a mouth or throat infection

In addition to being able to get it by being the one who practices oral sex, transmission is also possible when it is received, if the person who does it to us has the infection located in the mouth or throat. During oral sex, the infection could pass to our genitals.

How to use a condom in oral sex

To be as safe as possible, use the condom from the beginning of the relationship and do not remove it until the end. Also, make sure it’s on properly. Only then will it give you effective protection, so it is important to know how to do it. Here you can read How to put on a condom step by step.

It is true that for some people stopping right in the middle of the intimate moment to put on the condom cuts their excitement. However, a good solution is to include condom placement as part of foreplay. Putting the condom on in a fun and sensual way can help increase arousal.

The best condoms for oral sex

Oral sex lends itself to choosing a flavored condom to give us a fun and spicy touch that keeps the excitement high. Durex Taste Me is the range of Durex condoms with different fruity flavors and a better smell. You can choose between apple, strawberry, banana or orange flavors, with a different color for each flavor. They are made with natural rubber latex, with the classic shape, they are smooth and transparent and, in addition, they are lubricated. Of course, they are manufactured according to Durex quality standards to provide the security you need in your intimate relationships, adding a plus of fun.

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