Bored of the preliminaries? Then it’s time to try new experiences such as those that lubricants can offer you. Still don’t know why to use an intimate lubricant? Lubricants have a lot to offer you to encourage your foreplay and, above all, make the temperature rise a lot. If you don’t know how to use lubricant during foreplay, keep reading this article, as we explain why and how to use lubricant during sex and which one to choose for you and your partner.

Why use an intimate lubricant?

The main benefit of the intimate lubricant is the lubrication itself. The genitals, when there is sexual arousal, emit fluids that help contact and friction not be annoying and, on the contrary, are easier and more exciting.  

This product allows for greater lubrication from the outset, but also provides it in areas that do not lubricate naturally, such as the anus. For this reason, an intimate lubricant favors a smooth and pleasant penetration, and its use should not be associated only with problems of vaginal dryness.

Given its effects, you can use an intimate lubricant in the preliminaries to achieve more pleasure and more fun whenever you and your partner feel like it.

Ideas to use the lubricant in the preliminaries, raise the temperature!

Now you have discovered what it brings you, but you may be wondering: how to use the lubricant in the preliminaries ? The truth is that the possibilities are as many as your imagination and that of your partner encompass. Here are some ideas:

A massage with a happy ending, very happy!

There are lubricants that can serve as massage gels. A sensual massage in different parts of the body is a good way to start the preliminaries. Dial a higher or lower intensity and move closer and further away from the hottest areas. In this way you will start in a subtle but irresistibly erotic way.

Lubricant during masturbation, increase pleasure!

Masturbation is not only a solitary practice, it can also be included in foreplay to stimulate both a guy and a girl. Using lubricant during masturbation helps to achieve a smoother and more exciting contact. If you want ideas, don’t miss our articles on How to masturbate your boy and that he likes it and How to masturbate my girl.

Using lube with sex toys: yes, yes, and yes!

If you haven’t tried them yet, go ahead and introduce a sex toy into your intimate relationships. Using lube with sex toys makes them easier to use and feels more natural, making foreplay more pleasurable and fun. For example, try the lubricant with the vibrators from the Durex Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy or Intense Orgasmic Pure Pleasure range. You can also use lubricant with anal dildos or male masturbators. There is no limit other than your imagination!

Flavored oral sex, why not?

In any of the uses of the lubricants that we have mentioned, you can add a plus if you choose a flavored lubricant. This will make foreplay oral sex more fun. Get a different touch in each relationship trying the different varieties of flavors.

Durex lubricants for the preliminaries, which one to choose?

The range of Durex lubricants allows you to choose between different products that will provide you, in addition to the lubricating effect, sensations of heat, freshness or hints of flavor. We present you some examples. Try them and choose your favourite:

  • Durex Play Massage, lubricant and massage gel 2 in 1: this lubricating gel, which does not stain and washes off, is 2 in 1 because it is used both for intimate lubrication and for giving a sensual massage on any part of the body. It is soft to the touch and can be used for vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Choose the version with guarana extract, which enhances sexual desire, or the one with aloe vera extract, which stands out for its moisturizing power.
  • Durex Play Hot or Cool for a different masturbation: these lubricants are water-based, very soft and light, what stands out about them is the effect on the skin. Lubricants with a hot sensation contain ingredients that heat up when in contact with the skin, thanks to which they produce a very exciting sensation of heat, increase sensitivity and, consequently, intensify pleasure. On the other hand, lubricants with a fresh effect produce a soft tingling sensation on the skin. Play with them for surprising and exciting masturbation. If you are looking for something simpler, you can also choose the classic Durex lubricant, the Durex Play Original Lubricant, water-based, soft, light and not sticky at all.
  • Durex Play Strawberry or Cherry, taste it!: these lubricants are water-based, smooth to the touch and are also compatible with condoms. They are used for vaginal, anal and oral sex, but they stand out in the latter thanks to their strawberry or cherry flavor and aroma.
  • Durex Real Feel for pleasurable penetrations with your toys: it is a good choice for sex toys because the silky texture and the heat effect on contact of this lubricant help make penetration sensations more natural.
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