Anal sex has been practiced since ancient times, but it is also true that for many people it has been considered a taboo until almost today. Luckily, today it is a type of sexual practice that can be talked about more and more and more couples are encouraged or, at least, are interested in trying this option.

If it is our desire and that of our partner, it is advisable to find out first and take into account some precautions to achieve satisfactory anal sex. In addition, it is advisable to use a lubricating product that facilitates penetration and thus achieve a safe and pleasant experience for both. In this article we talk in detail about why it is important to use lubricant in anal sex.

Tips for anal sex

If you are thinking of practicing it for the first time or have already tried it and are interested in having more information on the subject, these are the main tips to keep in mind so that the anal sex relationship is pleasant. Also, in this link you have more recommendations on what you need to know about anal sex.

  • Always use a condom, from the beginning to the end of the relationship.
  • Stimulate the anus previously and begin penetration little by little.
  • Use a suitable lubricant.
  • Take care of your diet, because if there are constipation problems and the area is more contracted, it is likely that anal sex will be more annoying.
  • If you are in a heterosexual relationship, avoid going from the anus to the vagina so as not to drag bacteria from the anal area to the vagina, since this can cause an infection. In this case, it is convenient to change the condom for a new one.

Is anal sex safe?

As with other sexual practices, anal sex carries certain risks, such as the spread of a sexually transmitted infection or STI. To minimize them, the recommendation is to use a condom from the beginning to the end of the relationship.

Keep in mind that the skin of the anal and rectal area is sensitive and, furthermore, the anus does not lubricate on its own, so fissures or tears could occur during sex, which can facilitate the transmission of infections such as gonorrhea, hepatitis A, B or C or the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. There may be a higher risk of HIV transmission during anal intercourse compared to vaginal or oral intercourse (1). It can also increase the risk of contracting some parasites such as giardia, which are spread through contact with fecal debris and are a cause of diarrhea. That is why we must insist on the use of condoms from the beginning of anal intercourse until the end. The condom, therefore, is the element that cannot be missing to guarantee greater safety (1).

At Durex we have a condom specially developed to enjoy anal sex, it is Durex Perfect Connection, designed with thicker and extra-lubricated silicone-based, providing greater security (3) and longer lasting lubrication.

Use of lubricant in anal sex

Unlike the genital organs, the anal area does not secrete lubricating fluids. This makes penetration through this route more difficult and may even hurt. Therefore, to avoid feeling discomfort, it is recommended to use a lubricant.

Depending on the type of lubricant used or the duration of the encounter, it may be necessary to apply it more than once, since the area can dry out during intercourse. In this case, it is better to reuse the lubricant and not force it, as that is when the risk of cracking or tearing would increase, as well as discomfort. Therefore, there is no problem if you have to stop and repeat the application. On the contrary, it is the best option to prevent damage, discomfort and transmission of STIs and, in this way, really enjoy sex. Remember that you have to start little by little so that the muscles of the anal area expand enough to allow pleasurable penetration.

How to use lubricant in anal sex?

The lubricant is applied to the anal area before penetration, you can also apply a little to the tip of the erect penis or to the sex toy.

What lubricant do I use for anal sex?

To take advantage of the benefits of using lubricant in anal sex, you have to choose one that is suitable for this type of practice, since there are various types of lubricants and not all of them are equally suited to anal sex. We distinguish between water-based and silicone ones and these are their differences:

Water-based lubricants for anal sex

They are composed mainly of water, are very easy to apply and help to achieve a pleasant glide. However, in the case of anal sex, it must be considered that, since they are water-based, the skin absorbs them quickly, so it will be necessary to repeat the application several times to be able to end the relationship well, since there is no extra natural lubrication for complement.

Anal sex with silicone lubricants

Unlike the water-based ones, these lubricants are more suitable for anal sex. This is because they provide a longer-lasting lubrication, which allows them to stay on the application areas without being absorbed as quickly as water-based lubricants. Also, like water-based lubricants, they are compatible with condoms. Therefore, when practicing anal sex, the recommendation is to choose a silicone lubricant.

At Durex we have an ideal option to lubricate during anal sex, it is Durex Perfect Connection lubricant, designed with a silicone base to provide lubrication that does not dry easily (4) and is more durable (4) than lubricants from water based.

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