Sex usually focuses on penetration, but the truth is that, before reaching it, there are a series of foreplay or preliminary games that serve as stimulation to increase arousal, natural lubrication and improve the sexual experience and promote the achievement of sexual desire. orgasm. If you are still unaware of the importance of foreplay in sex, then we will explain what they consist of and how they can be.

What are the preliminaries in sex?

We know as preliminaries all those practices in sexual relations that have the objective of increasing excitement or pleasure. That is to say, they include, for example, kisses, caresses, erotic games or masturbation that normally take place before penetration, although it is not necessary that the latter always take place to achieve a satisfactory and pleasant relationship.

Kisses, caresses and everything that occurs to you and both of you feel like acting as stimulants, preparing the situation for the climax. This is achieved because little by little the excitement and lubrication increase, which greatly facilitates penetration, as it prepares the body and avoids tensions that could hinder it. In addition, and no less important, these preliminary moments are a good way to establish and strengthen trust between the components of the couple.

The importance of the preliminaries

Preliminaries are not always given the importance they deserve. Sometimes, it is because they are not considered part of the sexual relationship, which is limited to penetration and little else. This means that attention is focused only on this specific act and neither the benefits nor the importance of preliminaries such as the ones we have mentioned are valued. For this reason, sex can often be associated only with penetration, which can be presented as the only objective, forgetting the pleasure that everything that is done during the preliminaries can provide. In fact, it should not be seen as mandatory that sexual activity does not go beyond that. That is, staying in the preliminary moments can be just as satisfying or even more than penetration. In other words, they are a sexual activity in itself.

In any case, if what is desired is penetration, the preliminaries will prepare the body for it, since they promote and increase both lubrication and arousal. In this way, penetration is facilitated and the chances of reaching orgasm are increased.

Types of preliminaries in sex

We have indicated some practices, such as caresses or kisses, which can be part of the preliminaries to be carried out before penetration, if that is the objective. Below, we detail the most popular types of foreplay: (1)

Foreplay in the form of kisses

When we talk about kisses, we are not referring only to those that can be given in the mouth, but we must also think of all those given in especially erogenous zones. For example, it can start with the ears or the nape of the neck and go down to the nipples to continue descending and end in the genital area. In addition, in these kisses, the lips, the tongue and even the teeth can intervene, with less or greater intensity.

Preliminaries with the hands

In the same way that you can go through the body of the couple with kisses, it is possible to follow the same movements with your hands, giving caresses and massages. Masturbation is another option. It can be done with the hands after a while of caresses by other erogenous zones. The idea is always to increase the intensity. Lubricants and oils can also be incorporated into the foreplay to help ease the glide and intensify the sensations.

You can look for those compatible with condoms if you are going to have vaginal, oral or anal sex. In this link you have more information about the benefits of masturbation.

Erotic games

There are almost as many possible erotic games as there are couples, since it is an area in which imagination plays a prominent role. Erotic games can include different elements, such as the lubricants and massages that we have talked about, but also different sex toys, such as vibrators.


This practice consists of taking off her clothes little by little and in a provocative way, so it can fit perfectly in the preliminaries, since it will lead to a progressive increase in arousal.

Foreplay with oral sex

As we have already pointed out when talking about preliminary kisses, the stimulation of the penis and the vulva with the mouth is a practice that by itself can lead to reaching orgasm. Oral stimulation of the penis is called fellatio, while that of the vulva is called cunnilingus . In the “69” position, the couple stimulates each other and at the same time.

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