Have you heard of lubricants? It is usually thought that they should only be used when there is a problem of vaginal dryness that makes intimate relationships uncomfortable, but the truth is that lubricants are also a great help to increase pleasure because they facilitate smoother penetration and can be added at any time. 

Regardless of whether or not you suffer from dryness. But when choosing one, it is essential that it be compatible with condoms so as not to sacrifice your protection. Do you know which are the lubricants that can be used with a condom? We explain it to you in this article.

What lubricants can be used with a condom?

There are two types of lubricants that can be used with latex or polyisoprene condoms (non-latex condoms): water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants , this means that, in the case of Durex, all our lubricants can be used with condoms .

Next, we explain what these products are like according to their composition.

Water based lubricants

As their name indicates, they are water-based gels. This means that they are light, smooth, easy to clean and do not stain, but they do dissolve in water and evaporate faster, so you may need more than one application. These are the Durex water-based lubricants:

  • Durex Naturals range of lubricants – This range includes three products, which are Durex Naturals Intimate Gel, Durex Naturals Extra Sensitive Lubricant and Durex Naturals Moisturizing Lubricant:
    • Durex Naturals Intimate Gel is made with 100% natural ingredients and prebiotics. It is very soft, exciting and natural to the touch. Avoid discomfort during sex thanks to its moisturizing effect. Its balanced pH helps maintain the vaginal flora. It has no perfumes or dyes and you can use it to practice vaginal, anal or oral sex.
    • Durex Naturals Extra Sensitive Lubricant contains aloe vera, which cares for the skin and prevents irritation, and 100% natural ingredients. It helps you feel your intimate relationships in a natural, exciting and soft way, relieving any discomfort by providing hydration. Its pH maintains the balance of the vaginal flora. It does not contain fragrances or dyes and is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex.
    • Durex Naturals Moisturizing Lubricant contains hyaluronic acid, which maintains long-lasting hydration while caring for the skin, and 100% natural ingredients. It helps relieve any discomfort during sex and makes it smoother and more exciting. Its balanced pH preserves the vaginal flora. It does not contain fragrances or dyes and you can use it for vaginal, anal and oral sex.
      Durex natural lubricants

Comply with medical device regulations

Discover the Naturals range

  • Durex Play range of lubricants : it is the basic range of Durex, with its classic Durex Play Original Lubricant, very soft, light and not sticky or greasy. It is valid for vaginal, anal and oral sex and helps you increase pleasure in a natural way.

In addition, there are other lubricants that can add a fun touch to your intimate relationships, such as Durex Play Freshness Lubricant. Soft and light, its particularity is that it provides a fresh effect that produces a pleasant tingle. You can use it to practice vaginal, anal and oral sex, getting new sensations.

If you prefer, you can choose Durex Play Heat Lubricant. It is also soft and light, but the difference is that it contains a special ingredient that heats up on contact with the skin, giving you an incredible warm sensation that increases sensitivity and pleasure. You can use it for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

heat effect lubricants from Durex

Complies with medical device regulations

And if what you are looking for are new flavors, don’t miss Durex Play Strawberry Flavor Lubricant so that you can enjoy the flavor and aroma of this fruit also during your relationships. Get a fun and exciting vaginal, anal or oral sexual experience. Like the rest of the range, it is smooth, light and does not contain sugar.

Silicone lubricants

Being silicone, they are not absorbed or dry as quickly as those made of water, so they last longer. For this reason, although they can be used for vaginal sex, they are especially recommended for anal sex , where more lubrication is needed because the area does not have it naturally. Silicone lubricants last throughout the relationship, so you don’t have to stop to apply them every once in a while. These are the varieties that Durex offers you:

  • Durex Perfect Connection lubricant: it is the lubricant that Durex recommends for anal sex because it provides long-lasting lubrication, which helps to avoid discomfort that hinders penetration. It is compatible with all condoms, very soft and warm to the touch. It does not contain alcohol or fragrances.
silicone lubricant

Complies with medical device regulations

  • Durex Real Feel Lubricant: Just a small amount gives you a smoother, more natural, skin-to-skin feel during vaginal, anal and oral sex. In addition, it adds a heat effect on contact. It is compatible with all condoms.

Avoid oil-based and homemade lubricants

It is important that you know that oil-based lubricants are not compatible with condoms because they can damage them and even break them. For the same reason, you should avoid using homemade lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, olive oil, or baby oil. In addition, these lubricants could cause irritation and discomfort in your intimate area. Remember that using a lubricant that is not compatible with the condom poses a risk of both unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.

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