And I think he too because he invited me to another trip next weekend, let’s see what happens and if it’s true. But I see that they are eagerly awaiting my comments on tips to be better fucks.

I feel a bit weird giving advice because, as much as I think about it, it all comes down to the fact that the ideal is to be open, not have prejudices and talk openly with your partner. I had already talked about this in a previous blog: if men like to be sucked off, then say so; I am sure that many are not able to tell their wife to blow them left and right and that includes details, saying that they like to be given fast or slow handjob and then they run their tongues along and then by the tip and then they do put it all in their mouths. The key is to speak. If you like to put your wife on four, do it;

Every woman is different, so I can’t generalize what EVERYONE can feel, I speak for myself even though sex is primarily a business for me.

TIPS for women to please men: -Never be passive. If they just wait for him to initiate, they’re screwed. They have to make their partner feel that they want sex too and this should be at any time and in any place.

-Participate in games. Feel whores with your partner. When you are in a restaurant, go to the bathroom, take off your thong and return with it inside your bag. Show it to her partner and tell her that she was left with nothing under her skirt. I assure you that the poor man will have such an erection that as soon as they get home they will want to shoot like rabbits.

-Fantasies are to be fulfilled. If he wants a position you’ve never done before, do it, it’s that simple.

-We all have something of voyeurism or exhibitionists. One night they open the curtain while they are pulling, that the one in the building across the street, maybe, one never knows, can see something in the middle of the darkness. Probably not, but it’s the feeling that counts. But the fact of feeling seen, even in the imagination, excites, and men more.


-Although it sounds corny, dressing up as nurses, teachers, etc., that works from time to time. Sex is not only for Saturday nights and in the usual bed. That includes going to a motel from time to time even if they are married and have somewhere to throw away. They leave the car…

-It is not simply because of my trade, but one day they may call a companion. The most common fantasy of men is a threesome and it is better that they do it with you than with other women. I haven’t necessarily been called out for literally doing the threesome. Sometimes they ask me to masturbate and they end up pulling, or I touch them and that’s it. Or me watching them and that’s it.

-If you don’t like to suck your partner, that’s what flavored condoms are for. Men love a good blowjob, so start there.

-A good blowjob includes, from time to time, running your tongue over the roe. That drives them crazy and, why not, also try to stick your finger in their asses. Men really like that even if they deny it.

-If you feel frigid or find it difficult to orgasm, start by masturbating yourself. If they still don’t orgasm, there is a problem. But the main thing is that one knows and explores her own body. After that everything is easier.

-Watch porn from time to time and tell your partner that you want to do the same thing you see there. I have already told you that all men carry their frustrated porn actor inside. That they take off the condom when they are about to cum and that they cum on their tits or ass, that makes them feel more “men”.

TIPS for men to please women: -Coming before five minutes have passed is impudent. We women need time. Stop thinking that throwing is putting it in and coming. Sex is much more than that.

– Just as they like women to have fine underwear, sensual colors, and that smell good; I suggest the same thing: nothing more dismissive than ugly and smelly underpants or boxers. Try to think about that, men’s underwear is also funny.


-I don’t kiss clients on the mouth (or very rarely), but you with your partners should do it a lot, before sending your hands to the tits or the ass that seems to be the only thing that interests you. Take time for her, the woman’s body is beautiful and as such you have to enjoy it, kiss it, caress it.

-We think like this, even if it doesn’t matter to you, but all this helps: a good wine, a romantic dinner, a beautiful song before starting everything. You think differently, but we women value that.

-It’s good to change positions and vary, but that of powders of an hour or more, mom. There is no exaggeration, the best pleasures do not have to be eternal.

Tell me if they are of any use! Kisses!

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