Surely you have ever heard that condoms affect sensitivity when it comes to having relationships. But it’s just a myth! Today you can find a large number of condoms that precisely enhance sensitivity so that both you and your partner can fully enjoy sex.

You want to know more? Keep reading, because below, we will explain which condom to use to feel more.

With which condom do you feel more?

The key to protecting yourself and enjoying sex is to choose a condom that suits your needs. You don’t just have to take into account the size of the penis or the size of the condom, but also the type of experience you are looking for. You have at your disposal several alternatives with which to experiment to enjoy a different encounter, of course, without giving up protection.

With which condom do you feel more? These are the types of condoms that promote greater sensitivity during sex. Try them and discover yours!

Thin and extra-thin condoms

Thanks to their minimal thickness, these condoms give you a skin-to-skin sensation while maintaining the protection of thicker condoms. In other words, because they are thin they are not going to break, that is, thin condoms are safe. We highlight these condoms, the finest in the Durex range:

  • Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive: thanks to the fact that they are extra-thin condoms and contain extra lubrication, they offer you maximum sensitivity where you need it most, providing you with a softer and more comfortable sensation. They are the finest condoms created by Durex for a reason , without losing safety or protection. They are made with transparent latex rubber.
  • Durex Sensitive Soft: these condoms are thin and extra lubricated, achieving a soft sensation. They are designed to increase sensitivity. Made with transparent natural latex, its Easy-On anatomical shape makes it easy to put on and ensures its support.

Condoms with stimulating gel

The stimulant gels produce different very pleasant sensations during sex, such as cold, heat or tickling, in this way, they act to intensify the pleasure and enter the list of condoms to feel more that you cannot stop trying. These are our recommendations:

  • Durex Intense Orgasmic: in their design they have a texture of points and grooves, in addition to the stimulating Desirex gel, which provides sensations of heat, freshness or tingling. Made with latex and Pleasure Fit technology, which guarantees a better adaptation and more comfort and pleasure. You can use them without problem together with lubricants.
  • Durex Give Me Pleasure: its embossed design with dots and grooves provides extra stimulation to maximize the partner’s pleasure. The special lubricant contained in these condoms provides a warm sensation. They have the Easy-On anatomical shape and are made of transparent natural rubber latex.

Condoms with dots and grooves

They are a good option because the raised dots and grooves of condoms serve to increase male and female sexual pleasure depending on how they are positioned. They work by increasing sensation by causing greater friction in the vagina, due to this intense friction, it is advisable to use them with extra lubrication.

An example is Durex Give Me Pleasure, which are condoms with a dot and groove design placed in such a way that they increase both female and male stimulation. They also have an extra supply of lubrication and the Easy-On anatomical shape. They are made with transparent natural latex rubber.

Retardant condoms

They are the ideal option for the occasions in which he wants to last longer and thus increase the enjoyment of the couple. If this is your case, choose Durex Prolonged Pleasure, some extra-lubricated condoms that contain Performa lubricant, which prolongs pleasure. It does so thanks to its 5% benzocaine, which is a local anesthetic that delays ejaculation by reducing sensitivity in the nerve endings of the penis. The Easy-On shape makes them very comfortable and easy to put on.

Why use a condom?

Do not forget that condoms, in addition to helping make sex fun or different, providing extra lubrication, are the only method that protects against sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, by reducing the risk of contracting them.

STDs are very common and contact between body fluids and mucous membranes is the most important form of transmission, hence the importance of wearing a condom to stay healthy during vaginal, anal or oral sex. Of course, condoms also prevent unwanted pregnancy by preventing semen and therefore sperm from entering the vagina and ever meeting a fertile egg. Of course, to take advantage of all the benefits of condoms you have to always use them throughout the relationship and put them on correctly.

In our article How to put on a condom step by step, we explain how to do it to guarantee greater security.

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