Condoms are not only an effective contraceptive method, but they are also the only method that helps us prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but to achieve these benefits, it is important that it is not broken. Surely more than once you have wondered why the condom breaks?

Keep reading, because in this article we explain the main reasons that can cause a condom to break, ruining the fun and compromising our safety.

Because we use them when they are expired

If you’re at it and the only condom you can find is the one you had forgotten in the bottom of your purse, be sure to check the expiration date. We know it’s the last thing on your mind while you and your partner are in high gear, but expiration dates are there for a reason.

When the condom reaches this date, it is no longer effective and should not be used. If you use it, you run the risk of it breaking, threatening the protection you both seek. If you are going to buy condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from STDs, it does not make much sense to use an expired one.

Why don’t we save them correctly?

Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place. If you leave them in a hot car, out in the sun, or in your purse for months on end, condoms can get damaged and break when you and your partner are at your best.

To make sure they’re safe from outside elements, find a place in your room that’s dark and dry, like a nightstand or a chest of drawers in your closet, and store them there. If you decide to keep a condom in your bag, make sure you don’t leave it there too long, as the condom can break from constant friction.

Due to lack of lubrication

When you wonder why the condom breaks if you have stored it properly and do not use it when it expires, remember that friction can also do its thing. If there is a lot of friction during sex, it will not only hurt you and your partner, but it can also cause the condom to break.

To keep your condoms intact, be sure to use a water-based, silicone-based lubricant, or buy pre-lubricated condoms, such as Durex condoms. Adding lubricant to sex ensures that your condom is safe from friction so that you both can enjoy a more pleasurable intimate moment.

Because we do not choose the condom size well

Condoms come in different sizes and shapes to make them more comfortable and allow proper blood circulation. If not all penises are the same, why should all condoms be?

If you find that a condom is too tight, be careful, as friction and tension can cause it to break. Try an XL condom or experiment with various presentations until you find the one that best suits your needs.

Why don’t we put on condoms properly?

You must remember something very important: a condom is not effective if it is not on correctly. When you put it on, it should be lowered well, leaving some space at the top to help prevent any ripping or tearing.

If you are nervous or too excited to put the condom on correctly, ask your partner to help you, taking the time to do it correctly is essential to prevent it from slipping or tearing. And if you don’t know where to start, check out our article on how to put on a condom to find out step by step.

It’s also worth making clear: putting on two condoms won’t protect you anymore! On the contrary, it can make the experience uncomfortable for both of you and the friction ends up breaking both condoms, leaving them unprotected.

Now that you know why the condom breaks, avoid making these common mistakes and ensure safe and pleasurable sexual encounters as much as possible.

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