The doggy position, in which one person is on all fours while another penetrates them from behind, is one of the most exciting, since it helps to achieve very deep penetration and, in addition, the person behind has their hands free to stimulate the body of the sexual partner. But, precisely because it can be penetrated deeply, it is a position that at times can cause discomfort. Why does it hurt when I do the doggy style? We explain it to you in the following article.

It hurts when I do the puppy, why?

It is quite common to notice discomfort in this position, but why does it hurt when I get penetrated on all fours? The depth of penetration that we mentioned can lead to more pressure being placed on certain points, specifically on the cervix.

In women, arousal produces different physical changes, one of which is the elevation of the uterus to allow penetration (1), which also implies that the cervix or cervix rises. However, because the cervix is ​​at the end of the vagina, certain conditions can cause the penis or sex toy to strike this area during penetration while in doggy style, for example:

  • The angle of penetration: the angle at which the penis or the sex toy penetrate influences whether it can more or less contact different areas, some of which can make us feel more discomfort. In this type of penetration, normally, the penis enters from above downwards, since the person who penetrates is usually at a height a little higher than the one penetrated. For this reason, they may feel discomfort that does not appear in other positions, since due to this angle the penis or the sex toy, once inside the vagina, can hit the cervix, causing pain.
  • The rhythm or intensity of penetration: too much force or speed can increase discomfort, as penetration becomes more abrupt, which increases the risk of discomfort.
  • The size of the penis or the sex toy: the larger the member, the more likely it is to hit areas such as the aforementioned cervix, which is located at the end of the vagina, being another possible source of discomfort.

How to avoid pain when I do the puppy

Taking into account the factors that can cause discomfort when we practice the dog, we can follow a series of tips to avoid them. Next, we share some recommendations so that doggystyle sex is pleasurable.

Focus on the preliminaries

The preliminary games are all those caresses, kisses or stimuli that can be done before reaching penetration, from oral sex, through caresses to practices such as stimulation of the anus. They serve to increase arousal, so that there will be more lubrication in the genitals and, ultimately, more desire! This will improve penetration and reduce pain during sex. But, in addition, a good arousal will help the uterus rise, allowing adequate space for penetration and less risk of the penis hitting the cervix when doing doggy style.

Use lube

The genitals have natural lubrication when we get aroused, but extra lubrication can help us avoid discomfort when the friction is very intense, as can happen in the case of a dog. Try the range of Durex lubricants, a good idea to get more stimulation and better lubrication. You can choose water-based or silicone-based lubricants, which offer longer-lasting lubrication.  

Control the pace and intensity of penetration

If you notice discomfort, don’t be ashamed to let your partner or partners know. In this way you can make movements in and out in a smoother way, without reaching the maximum penetration, being you the one who sets the pace when approaching or moving away or reaching the top more slowly. You can also try moving back and forth instead of just in and out.

Try the variations of the classic dog

If you have a problem with the classic pose, try one of its variations. Penetration is still deep and from behind, but you will find it more pleasurable. Check it!:

  • The dog with the hips down: instead of remaining on all fours, the person below lowers the hips as if they wanted to sit, keeping their legs bent. The other person holds on to her hips and makes a shallower penetration, having to lean forward a bit, which can be more pleasant.
  • The dragon: it is very similar to the previous position, only lower down. Leave only the upper part of your body elevated, resting on your hands, and stretch your legs apart with your knees slightly bent. The person behind you will have to lean into you even more so as not to lose penetration, so it will be softer.
  • Standing: in this case you will stand up. The penetrated person should only lean where he is comfortable to lean slightly forward, allowing penetration from behind not as deep as in the classic doggy style. In addition to penetrating, the person behind will have their hands free to stimulate any part of their partner’s body.

It hurts during sex, should I go to the doctor?

Despite the recommendations that we have just explained, there are situations in which they will not be enough to stop feeling pain during sex. It is advisable that you go to the doctor if this is your case, that is, if you regularly feel pain in your sexual relations, regardless of the position in which you find yourself (2).

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