Gentle and controlled penetration, stimulating various erogenous zones during penetration or opting for positions that favor rubbing against the clitoris in the case of women, are some of the strategies that are effective for making a sexual position help us reach the orgasm during penetration. Therefore, we share with you the options that you can try to obtain maximum satisfaction:

The missionary reinvented

If you don’t normally orgasm from penetration or prefer to have sex without penetration, this position may be perfect for you. Begin in the missionary position, lying on your back with your partner on top of you. Have him move his body towards your head so that his pelvis is slightly above yours. You can put some cushions under your hips for more support.

From here, your partner can move to mimic the figure of eight on your pelvis. This can help stimulate areas like the clitoris and will cause pleasurable sensations for both of you. It’s a good idea to consider trying a lubricant for a more sensual experience, and if you move on to any type of penetrative sex, you can put your legs on your partner’s shoulders for deeper penetration. And if what you want is to make the encounter more fun, then we invite you to try textured condoms for maximum stimulation.

Riding your partner

In this position you change places so that the person who was previously below is now on top. From here, ride on your partner from the front or from behind, that is, looking at his face or at his feet. You can rub against her body, lean at different angles, and if you’re having penetrative sex, control the rate, depth, and angle of penetration.

Your partner can run their fingers down your back, caress your erogenous zones and body as you move together, or even use a sex toy. It’s super sensual and super simple.

The descending puppy

Start on your hands and knees, with your partner on their knees or standing behind you. In this position you have many options to achieve highly pleasurable orgasms. The person behind you can gently kiss your partner’s erogenous zones all the way to oral sex. You may want to try a toy or some lube for more stimulation. And, if you’re having penetrative sex, he can hold your hips while he moves.

To change the angle of penetration, lean on your elbows. The intensity of this position could allow stimulation of the G-spot. Another option is to lower yourself to rest on your chest, leaving your hips raised and your partner bending over. You or your partner can stimulate sensitive areas while you move together.

The bridge

This is another position that could help you or your partner have better orgasms. Begin by lying on your back with your partner kneeling in front of you. While on your back, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the bed, then arch your hips toward the ceiling to form a low bridge.

Your partner can use your mouth, hands, toys, whatever you want, to bring you to orgasm. And, if you have penetrative sex, he can penetrate you by holding your hips for maximum enjoyment.

The little spoon

In addition to being sensual and intimate as your partner hugs you from behind, this is one of the easiest positions for double stimulation. Lie on your side with your partner behind you so that you are both facing the same direction, and push your butt towards her. You can touch each other, gently press a vibrator on your favorite spots, or if you have penetrative sex, the person behind you can stimulate all the important erogenous zones.

And last but not least, honorable mention poses include kitchen tables (not too high) and sturdy chairs where you can ride your partner. You can also lean against one wall, while the leaning person wraps their legs around the other. Try things, find out what works, and find a way to get the best orgasm.

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