Sexual or erotic fantasies are a deliberate pattern of ideas (a mental re-enactment or representation) intended to create or enhance sexual feelings. They are based on mental images that an individual considers erotic.

They are images related to the erotic of the senses, with the forbidden. We would not confess them most of the time and they have a highly exciting component. To this day they are still somewhat taboo .

For this reason, we have wanted to destigmatize them and break with some of the myths that have been forming around them.

Who has not been aroused at some time by imagining potentially erotic scenes, images, situations, even though their permissiveness may be morally and socially questioned? 


It is still quite common today, and much more among the female sector, to feel shame or guilt for having sexual fantasies . There are even those who still think that having them is committing infidelity . It is also common to think that if our partner develops sexual fantasies , it is because we do not promote their sexual desire well.However, the fact of developing sexual fantasies does not mean, far from it, that we are dissatisfied with our sexuality. It is not a cause-consequence. In fact, sexual fantasies are an aspect that is worked on within sex therapy to promote sexual health, especially in those cases in which there is low sexual desire .

These sexual thoughts manifest internal desires, although it is also common to have  fantasies  that you do not really want to carry out. The fact that these fantasies are found in our imagination may mean that if put into practice they could lose the stimulating effect they had.

In real life, sexual fantasy could be something very difficult to achieve or perhaps even impossible to achieve. In fact, some may find that their fantasies are unacceptable in their opinion, if they are realized in real life.


Fantasies can be used within the couple ‘s erotica to achieve a higher degree of excitement during sexual intercourse. And their forms can be anything from lengthy mental narratives to quick flashes of sexual imagery.

Its effects range from simple sexual arousal to orgasm. Each person has their sexual fantasy, therefore there are many and very diverse. However, many men agree that some of their sexual fantasies  tend to focus on control of the situation and sexual capacity.

The most frequent are:

  • Having sex with a partner other than your own.
  • Having relationships within a group (orgy).
  • Having sex with other men
  • Having sexual relations with previous partners.
  • Make love in a different place than usual .

Many female sexual fantasies are similar to male ones, although they are characterized by being of longer duration and usually center on sentimental relationships. The most frequent are:

  • Imagine having sex with a man other than your usual partner.
  • Thinking that you are being raped , either with one man or more than one.
  • Having sex with other women. (Lesbianism)
  • Recall other sexual experiences in the past.
  • Maintain a relationship in which violent scenes such as sadism or masochism are included , being she the one who dominates a submissive man who consents and satisfies her or is the one who must obey and satisfy the wishes of another dominant person.


The attitude that we maintain about the different sexual practices, among which we could include sexual fantasies , is the key to their success.

On the contrary, from the repression of prejudices and complexes, we will tend to limit our sexuality and pleasure. You can improve the quality of your relationships through sexual fantasies.

The time has come to give free rein to our imagination and explore the most remote corners of our desire. You dare?

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